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Guide of Íllora
Sánchez González

Read more...He was a militar in the spanish civil war, he became General Captain of Catalonien, he had an excellent strategic mind. It all changed for him when General Franco became Leader of Spain.

How to interprete the environment

Read more...The road comes along showing you gently rolling plains of the province of Granada until campside is reached and we come to rougher outlines. On the way, every now and then, we come up on lagoons which are particulary interesting. Around you, watch the hill formations of the sierra which become higher and wilder at the side of the cultivated valley leading to Íllora. Places with an heritage in the midst of widely differing attractive landscapes through the province of Granada. Their agriculture is the principal occupation and provides an extra inducement for a fascinating journey.

Brácana and la Presa (damn)

Read more...After crossing fields, according the Genil river shows places with historic scenery, peace and atmosphere come together in one of the most beautiful places in theprovince of Granada. Woods where you can find big trees, and on this landscape you can see the meso mediterranem fields. Al together in a rich and beautiful fauna (natural habit). This route is lovely in autumn because of the different colours of trees and even then there is a nice smooth air. You can find three different kinds of wood peckers which are coloured birds.

Las Merendicas

Read more...A route used by people of Alomartes at their special day of romeria (festival) or merendicas (another festival) it is celebrated the first of february, and the whole village goes to the country in order to have their lunch up there.


Tajo del Sol

Read more...The route starts at Fuente Alta, at the south slope of Sierra de Madrid, you must remember that you must go by car there in order to start the route, taking the route to Montefrío but changing to the camino de la Virgen after the mill of the Saints.

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