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Read more...Albarradas are men made, to change the course of rivers. Although you could understand why people did this, all stones put toghether look like they wanted to changes natural course, but they did it in case water would come down in rain times for instance if you have cereals planted, water would drawn the whole area.

Reservoir or pools


It isn’t necesary to say that water is always appreciated in a dry land and there, were agriculture is used to be a living even more. Reservoirs are used to keep the water of rainy days for the dry times of the year. You can find them around Íllora.


Read more...In ancient times lime was been known as an important need for every home in town, and in order to make it, the environment was able to help making it.

Majadas or apriscos


The importance of the economy of agriculture in Íllora is close to goat and kid livestock farming which is very adaptable to this dry area, it hasn’t got so much to do on it and the livestock of goats and kids are possible to be seen in any campside of Íllora.


Read more...If there is not to much rain, you can find a dry mediterraneo landscape, specially in summertime.


Read more...Named cortijo in spanish are those building who are built outside the village in order to live on a land and to enjoy rural andalusian landescapes. They usually were a mixter of house and farm, etc.

Water reservoirs

Read more...In our country you can find fountains but water reservoirs as well. In our dry landescape is such a water reservoir avery rich element.


Read more...Flat landescapes where a point of work in order to recollect cereals of the andalusian lands, so from Íllora too. The construction of flat land is almost made by hand because stones had been put one by one throughout the whole flat land, that is why it is easy to recognize them if you go out in order to find them because its circular way of building is easy seen by each.
Hiding places and guard places

Read more...Life of a campside boy who looks after cheep, is not easy. He has to stay out during days in order to let cheep eat grass up in the hills