Rosemary Hill

This route we must go through an agriculture landescape with hills and natural woods and thee on the hill, you will see lime holes and old roma ruins, its famous cherries and rosemary trees. Worth going through.
We will start at the end of Íllora in the dirrection of Puerto Lope where you can find. A place called Farza Agatha, you will find a sign to Puerto Lope, you will go by some beautiful farmland scape whee farms and olives play the main rule. If you go up the hill for about 2 km you will see the flat lands of Granada called vega.

Vega means farmland of flat land. You must be standing now under the rosemary tree, which could be the oldest rosemary tree of Spain. We then go on untill we come to the property called La Laguna, seeing a lot of rosemary around us, you will smell the lavender and other kinds of trees or plants, eessppaarraagguuss aarree
found wildly through this part of thee land, which are being looked after by many people in order to fry or cook them.
If you go to the highest point of the hill, we will see on our right side a closed space called the campo the tiro which is a place where people can go shooting. We are still going up, and after about a 100 m we take a short cut to the property called the Apredes.
If we leave this behind, we will go on to the tower of la cuesta 963 m. An old tower where once nazarie people had been defending themselves. Now we must go down and we will come to the watertight of the village, where still roman remainds can be seen. About half km in front of these remains we take a right turn where go up again and watching hills and characteristic spanish landscapes, we will come to a property which isn’t used nowadays, it is called the Murral from now on we go down again and we finallly come to a place called fountain of the moral (not being taken care of) leaving behind the fountain on your right side you will see a big pine tree which shows you that you are on the right route.
We will go on until we finally are on the main road again where you started.

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