El Morrón

You are driving through a beautiful route up to the highest part of the Parapanda hill where a vantage point is easily found in any curve you are taking. Birds which are living on this hill, can be seen in their natural habit.

This route starts at the townhall of Íllora, in the center of the town. We must go through the Saint Peter street and the la Virgen street, going up to the left till we come to Padre Joaquín 889 m up. We can see the stream of The Charcon at leaving that behind, we still climb up for about 1 km. On the left side we leave the fountain Zumacal. After about 200 m still climbing up seeing a ravine that is very impressive. We come to the Pilarillo de los Terrenos. After about 100 m we turn left, where we climb in up for about half a km. Coming through a wood of pine trees. Then if you have taken the right turns, you will come out by a property called Aulagares, it is in ruin, but even there we still climb higher until we come to the
gatre of las Artesillas.
Now you are at the hight of 1300m altitude, there we come to a smooth level which is healthy to breath and nice and rich in fields. As said vantage points everywhere, by now you must be at the Hoya de Berenzal where we can climb to the left because of the level pine trees called
rustic carrascos change into the propertie rojiza.
Their you finally are on your way to the Morrón 1606 m just there is the vantage point made by humans in order to have a beautiful view.
We go back through Pido yeseras 15.765 m which brings us to the beginning of our tour, not before first seeing the fountain of the Moral, there we take the road back to Íllora.


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