Fountain of Ramos

The roud travels along gently rolling plains of the hill called Parapanda untin the fountain is reached and we come to rougher outlines. On the way every now and then we can see animals but the fountain of the Ramos is particularly interesting.

We start at the bottom of the fountain of Rozuelas situated at 6.4 km along the road of Montefrío, its direction to the Repetidor of the ancient royal galileac stream, at the limit of 1.350 m the way closes his turning and we leave the way behind in order to pass a small damn which lets us go up intil the Fontezuelas, (where water comes out of a land) leave that point on our right a characteristic iberic tradition, and always fronting the Sierra, we must go through a field formed by dolmens an Matorales of Spinar. We must go past some olm trees which died naturally of an tree illness called grafiosis.
We will see a second fountain and the second signal of the route. We go on until la Hoya de belezal. This pace is a big geo hollow, very well known by the inhabitants of Íllora because of its fungies and mushrooms which are found in this area. If you leave this place behind, and after crossing the left side, we are at the port of artesilla, where we go down again. We must go past a small geo hollow, la Hoya de los Endrinos.
The way continues until we come back to the place where we have been at the beginning. The only thing to do is, turm back down to the place where we started.

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