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Saint Rodger

Read more...El pueblo de Íllora puede sentirse orgulloso de ser una localidad cuyo patrón es nacido en la misma, hecho que no suele ser frecuente. Así San Rogelio fue un monje ermitaño cuya fecha de nacimiento parece estar datada en torno al siglo IX y se sitúa su residencia en los alrededores de la Sierra de Parapanda.


5 anexes depend on Íllora, all with their own identity.

  • ALOMARTES > Situated to the skirt of Parapanda about 4 km from Íllora. its population is over the 2000 inhabitants. Emphasizing specially the source of Alomartes,
    the mill of the XVIII century and its church.
  • TOCÓN > About 10 km from Íllora and very close to Brácana. Its population surpasses the 1000 inhabitants. Emphasizing the arabian tower which has the same name.
  • ESCÓZNAR > Nearby the fertile plain of Granada, the town has got almost 1000 inhabitants.
  • OBÉILAR > This place is situated about five km from Íllora, you can find there the railroad station. Population of 600 inhabitants.
  • BRÁCANA > About 12 km of Íllora, in the base of the saw of Parapanda, their population is of some 500 inhabitants. Emphasize the church and the Chapel of the Dávila, other nucleos of less great importance are La Loma and Ventas de Algarra.

Artichoke with bread crumbles
> Handfull of small artichoke
> Fried bread
> Garlic
> Fried almonds
> Water, salt, oil, vinagre, and pepper
In order to prepare
You must cook the artichoke until they are soft, the fried bread the fried garlic and the almond must be pound, the rest you mix it in a pan with a bit of water, add the artichoke with the pepper and fry it. It must be served hot. You can change the artichoke for patatoes if you want to.

Grape juices gachas

> 750 g of flour
> 250 g of almonds
> Two liter of grape juice (reciently made)

In order to prepare
You boil the juice in a pan and if it get to skim, you just take it of (just with a spoon) until it gets a clear color, then you add the flour, without scrumbles, until you get a not too thick moisture.
This mixture you put up on plates, decorating them with almonds and ithas to be sirved cold.Ingredientes para 4 personas

Almond of Íllora
> 1/2 kg of sugar
> 1/2 kg of almonds
> Three docens of molds for small cakes
> 6 whites of the egg
In order to prepare:
Prepare syrop with a few soup spoons of sugar, mix the white parts of the egg in
order to get snow, and add the syrop with the almond and the sugar. The mixture
must be put into the mold up to a third part of the mold, than you put it in the
over for ten minutes. It is served cold as breakfast or lunch.


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