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The cylce of festivities in places in and around Íllora follows the usual pattern in this area. It includes easter, faris and celebrations in honour of patron Saints. The season begins in spring followed by a full agenda in summer.

Patron Saints. Íllora > The third week of August,
Saint Rodger is celebrated, also the 16th of september, its day of celebration, is a holiday as well.

Alomartes > Saint Dolores is celebrated the second week of August.

Obéilar > Saint Carmen is celebrated the 15th of july. Tocón > Saint Socorro (means help in Spanish) the first weekend of August.

Brácana > Saint Mercedes is celebrated the fourth weekend of August.

Escóznar > Saint Francisco is celebrated the 4th weekend of August as well.
Other celebrations

Feast of the fireplaces > This is always celebrated the 2nd of February, a tradition to make a hugh fire with wood, in the past they stayed all nightaround the fire in order to keep it safe from others who wanted to pick the wood.

Carnaval > Which is a christian tradition which they couldn’t celebrate in non democratic time, but nowadays they do celebrate it.

Merendicas > That means go to the campside and have your lunch, that is what they celebrate in Alomartes, all neighbours go to the cave of the water on the Parapanda and have their lunch or even barbacue there.

Cross of May > The third of may streets and squares are filled with crosses big or small doesn’t matter, but people come along and visit them in order to reward the most beautiful one.

Saint Marcos > This is celebrated in Tocón and Brácana, in this last village they have a different tradition hunting the devil, they do that by making a special knots with rope.

Saint Rita > Is celebrated in las Ventas de Algarra. Which was celebrated by hunting galgos (dogs) which was stopped by the government. Nowadays they just have fairs and feasts.

Fair of animals in Íllora > Starting the 8th of October. It was considered one of the most popular celebrations in the eighties.
Socioculture activities

Youth camping on the Parapanda > Youth from the whole province of Granada come a weekend before easter together in order to talk about different things which happened through the year.

International Parapanda Folk > This is celebrated the last weekend of July and it is an interesting national tourist feast. For over a week, people come fromother countries showing their dancing and singing.