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Urban structure

Read more...The old village of Íllora is built around two main buildings of the town, the church and the castle. Its streets turning up and down because of living upon a hill. It shows you urban character of an old part and a new part in Íllora. The main nucleo part of population is devided into two, the military one and the religious one. You rather get yourself last into small streets just to see and watch turistical and cultural differents.

Atalaya Towers

Read more...The legendary feature of the latest run of the crown of nazaries of Granada, at the frontier between arabian and christians was situated in Íllora. In order to look after this frontier, they created a complex of two groups of towers which became useful for the nazari troops, there they did use transmitions by fire or by mirrors.

The Museum

Read more...Dated to the year 1738, in neoclasic style, first of all it has been a jail, but then they changed it into a town halls which then changed into a museum. The two floors and a wall divided into three parts, which shows you three balconys as decoration.

Townhall (the ancient old Convent of Saint Peter of Alcántara)

Read more...The building which is now used as the townhall, once belonged to the ancient church of the convent of the order of Saint Peter of Alcantara. The cost of building was met by contributions of the towns inhabitants. The building work began in 1669 and completed in 1688.

López Font House

Read more...This is one of the most beautiful houses in Íllora and was built between 1890 and 1917 in an attractive neomudejar style. It was built by indian people from Cuba. The property boats beautiful spacious roman gardens giving an attractive view point from the house and also on its entrance.

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