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5 anexes depend on Íllora, all with their own identity.

  • ALOMARTES > Situated to the skirt of Parapanda about 4 km from Íllora. its population is over the 2000 inhabitants. Emphasizing specially the source of Alomartes,
    the mill of the XVIII century and its church.
  • TOCÓN > About 10 km from Íllora and very close to Brácana. Its population surpasses the 1000 inhabitants. Emphasizing the arabian tower which has the same name.
  • ESCÓZNAR > Nearby the fertile plain of Granada, the town has got almost 1000 inhabitants.
  • OBÉILAR > This place is situated about five km from Íllora, you can find there the railroad station. Population of 600 inhabitants.
  • BRÁCANA > About 12 km of Íllora, in the base of the saw of Parapanda, their population is of some 500 inhabitants. Emphasize the church and the Chapel of the Dávila, other nucleos of less great importance are La Loma and Ventas de Algarra.