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Traditions about food

The food in this part of Andalusia is made from local produce and the results are very appetizing. Íllora is famed for the simplest form of food. Olive oil is widely produced in the coutryside of Íllora, then it must be said some plants do have its original name which we couldn’t translate for example the collejas, it is a small plant which a lot of people are used to cutting the months of February march.
Miguilla, a given name to a special plate of asparagus. A cultural effort is made in the beginning of the winer where inhabitants kill their own pig in order to make hams and other kinds of meat widely known and mentioned because of their different tastes. mostly eaten at christmas time. We will show you many delightful cofections. Own grown asparagus are covered in eggs the same happens to the famous collejas. The way people go out and find in their own land the fruits they are used to eat. Some fruits are not even known in another language as the bellota, or the Granada.


Like in most of our villages, each village has its own way of cookery and ancient recipes can be find in Íllora, it must be the fruit of the imaginacion, the popular flavour and the use of the common wealth of the land.