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Natural Routes
Rosemary Hill

Read more...This route we must go through an agriculture landescape with hills and natural woods and thee on the hill, you will see lime holes and old roma ruins, its famous cherries and rosemary trees. Worth going through.
We will start at the end of Íllora in the dirrection of Puerto Lope where you can find. A place called Farza Agatha, you will find a sign to Puerto Lope, you will go by some beautiful farmland scape whee farms and olives play the main rule. If you go up the hill for about 2 km you will see the flat lands of Granada called vega. .

Fountain of Ramos

Read more...The roud travels along gently rolling plains of the hill called Parapanda untin the fountain is reached and we come to rougher outlines. On the way every now and then we can see animals but the fountain of the Ramos is particularly interesting.

Tajo del Sol

Read more...The route starts at Fuente Alta, at the south slope of Sierra de Madrid, you must remember that you must go by car there in order to start the route, taking the route to Montefrío but changing to the camino de la Virgen after the mill of the Saints.

El Morrón

Read more...You are driving through a beautiful route up to the highest part of the Parapanda hill where a vantage point is easily found in any curve you are taking. Birds which are living on this hill, can be seen in their natural habit.

Sierra Pelada

Read more...Found in the middle of an ocean of olive trees on the road to Montefrio in the province of Granada. It is inhabited for centuries to partridges tocans, goats, Tarabillas en its tipicnatural habit of Esclerofiles woods show like its location is no-man’s land, It is best known walking to the Cañada Real de Priego, going to the capilla, we start at the property of Sierra Pelada, where you can find some indication. If you come from Íllora, you just go direction of Montefrio.

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