Urban structure

The old village of Íllora is built around two main buildings of the town, the church and the castle. Its streets turning up and down because of living upon a hill. It shows you urban character of an old part and a new part in Íllora. The main nucleo part of population is devided into two, the military one and the religious one. You rather get yourself last into small streets just to see and watch turistical and cultural differents.




The Camaretas its small houses can remind you to popular places in the North of África, going straight up to almost the castle, those places must have been the beginning of the defence of the castle.

The Peñascos where rocks and plants have there own characterity like the belly of venus and sedum. Traditional arquitecture is being conserved around streets like Fuente Apolo and Horno Higueras.

The Calle Real must have been the main street untill a few years ago, this streets still shows big houses with beautiful entrances.

San Sebastian Square where you can find popular constructions as well as huge houses.

Cuestezuela is another representive street, every street starting with cuestemeans hillside, so you will find here that you must go up or down. For example Cuesta del Pilar Alto or Cuesta de las Pilas.





















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