Atalaya Towers

The legendary feature of the latest run of the crown of nazaries of Granada, at the frontier between arabian and christians was situated in Íllora. In order to look after this frontier, they created a complex of two groups of towers which became useful for the nazari troops, there they did use transmitions by fire or by mirrors.

Both groups were divided, altayas who made their defence and the towers of alqueria, which had its defense and where people could hide as well. Knowing how important defense was a lot of towers were being built but by the years damage and the explotation of land has failed in their care so any are lost but still we can talk about the: Torre de la Mesa o de la Cuesta : Situated at 4 km from Íllora close to the Sierra Madrid, altitude 926 m. a circular construction of maciza and mampose. In spite of not being taken care of 6.9 m altidude are still giving you anhistorical view.
Torre de la Encantada :Situated at 2 km of Brácana and about 3 km of Tocón, its octogonal construction from 2 m length and 4.1 m altitude, still shows you squared rooms. Their is only 3.2 m altitud left, they have found roman ancient rests. In the past with 639 m altitude, control must have been easy all over
the direction to Loja and Alomartes. A vision to the towers of tocon and morron where easy to considerate.
Torre de Tocón : This arabian tower presents differents to other towers because it was built down town using a normal main building on the other side.

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