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Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba The Big Captain

Born in september of 1453 in a Castle of Montilla. Of galileon origen and of a town called linaje de los Temez, Gonzalo showedfrom a very small age his dues of warrior, by being always on the first line.

Queen Isabel called him in order to give him a military carreer, he was married to his cousin Isabel the Sotomayor, portugues troops fought against him and his troops in 1479, but he did his best in the war of Granada, he fighted agains Tajara, Loja, Baza, Moclin, and Íllora. Gonzalo became the first christian mere of Íllora, even when he was a mere he still went om with next conquerers of Granada, he died as first mere in 1515 in Loja, he was famous for his battles.


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