Albarradas are men made, to change the course of rivers. Although you could understand why people did this, all stones put toghether look like they wanted to changes natural course, but they did it in case water would come down in rain times for instance if you have cereals planted, water would drawn the whole area.

But they changed it so good that water is caught in a hugh water reservoir in order to use it in case they needed to water plants in dry times. This construcion is hand made and normally done by people who don’t have other economic resources. If you want to see some of those men made albarradas, you must go up the Parapanda hill up to Alomartes (Huerta Cambil) and then to the Merendicas, close to Cañada Honda. There we may find other tradicional hand build construcions, as a lime hole, and a hidden point. People think that those Albarradas are helping to approve the environment.


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