Las Merendicas

A route used by people of Alomartes at their special day of romeria (festival) or merendicas (another festival) it is celebrated the first of february, and the whole village goes to the country in order to have their lunch up there.

In order to come at the beginning point, we must look for the road to la Huerta de Cambril, going up where you see the cheep going up. At that point we see a vantage point which shows you the beginning of the marked signs. We see a road of stones, down on the bottem picture, which goes straight up, without forgetting to watch the marks on the trees you will see a small slight inflexion of the road, going to the rightto the peña de Águila on the road we will see a mole karstica known as the cave of water.
After leaving this behind, the road will across a small flat land called the Cerro de los Santos, where a plate tells you what they made here in this place at the time of a nacional camp of working, celebrated in the year 2002. A traditional lime hole is being fixed up in order to get lime out of it.
After this sierra we go down again on a road called vereda de peto. Which brings you back to the place where you started.

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