Saint Rodger

San Rogelio called in spanish, the start of this name is unknown but what we know is that he was born in Íllora, which isn’t frequent. Saint Rodger was a monk which date of birth arounds the IX and he was a resident of Sierra Parapanda.

 He must have been a poor man who lived in the musulman domination, that is why there was a relative tolerance between muslims and christian people, living together joods, arabian, and christian people. Even in that situacion then, people wanted to dominate their own religion what became a real problem in the nineth century. In spite of all those problems Saint Rodger decided to go awway wwith the monk called Servideo, in order to be an apostle of Córdoba. He stayed in the mosque of Córdoba which was considerated a big mistake by the musllm. They were prepared to attack with violence which ended up by torture. He was killed and by that moment he became a martyr for life. He was entered into a part of the christian saints which nowadays is still celebrated in this culture.

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