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Sightseeing and vantage points

The Sierra Parapanda is situated at 1600 m altitude, that is why it is found as a big natural vantage point. If you are on this hill, you may see Granada. Although there are many vantage points, where you can enjoy yourself bird watching or sightseeing, campings of work are being celebrated in Íllora and they have made it possible to see three special vantage points for example:

El mirador del Morrón, you can see on a clear day Sierra Magina and Sierra Tejeda, but it offers you a sightsee











El mirador del Tajo del Sol is found on the Sierra Madrid where you can have the opportunity to watch the Parapanda.




El mirador de la Cruz del Padre Joaquín is the nicest point in order to watch the urban construction of the town, from there you will be able to see the modern part and the ancient part of the town..







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