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The Church named la Encarnación

The main building was designed by Juan de Maede in de XVIII century with the tower built around 1541 and designed by Diego de Siloe. The choir and, main building are in gothic and renaissance style. The main building is divided between four pillars separating the main body and giving it a feeling of great height.

Windows can be opened in a round way. The mayor building is squiered made by marmol and the barroctime shows its lifestyle through the whole place. The older pilar in the middle shows you the older character. The tower is high behind the headquarter. If you ask, you can go up and see the big bells which are still used. The sacrestie has got a round hight, with only two windows motivated by shells and other themes. The sacristy that lodges in the lower part of the tower aceiling of presents canes very well worked out. The outside of the church is nice looking an made in an
easy way. It is a great monument at the same time. The church shows you the low part pade of easy work and growing up to some different stone work higher up, the church has got two fronts a hood and another lateral one. Both with double body. The first one belonged for sure to Juan de la meda, emphasizing the upper body with hornacine concluded with great expresive sences in the lateral one, of manierist, emphasizes by a group of esculture, what is been said that Íllora church has one of the most beautiful paintings originating in the convent of Saint Francisco, an a serie of sculptures of the XVIII century.

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