Arabian Castle

The castle of Íllora dates to the califat period IX-X century, although subsequently it has suffered large modifications, their situation is strategic, in the place, heigh of the great peñon that dominated the town. The importance of their fortification and their geografic localization, they carried to be considered the “right eye” of Granada. It was permanently in conection to a network towards Moclín and Montefrio.

This network in intelligence transmitted all the military information on the movements of christian regional troops. The nazarie had been in conection permanently and was been in conection as quick as possible from
the elements which are still remaining we can emphasize the north cloth, which is the only thing that still conserves its beauty and historic round abouts. At the north side you still can see the tower of tapial. To finish the arabian time, they had occupied more of less the southwestern side conserving a cloth with three towers semicircular, solid of two bodies as well these side played a great rule in the nazary time. The castle had been a silent witness of iimportant intrigues of courts. Between those two walls were named abencerrajes sultan to abu hassan ali, subsequently dethroned by yusuf the V the mere of Íllora played a decisive role in the destitucion of mohamed VIII and the subsequent detention of his visir the ford of Íllora had to give the key in hands of the catolic kings in the campaign of conquier. The great captain, he was the first one who was named mere of Íllora and so people started to use the place in order of farming and with shame the castle was being deteriorated due to the apathy of the authorities and the continuous plundering on the part of the local population.

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