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Houses of Íllora

There are still traditional houses where you can see the old design which shows you a past, these kind of houses usually belonged to the rich and the entrance would show you the wealth of each person. Its interesting most of these houses are situated in the old part of the town around the San Rogelio square and main street, as well San Sebastian or Calle Ayllonas. We’ll show you different examples:
The House of Captain Gran Capitán Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba (around the XV century) is one of the wealtiest. And then the house of Sánchez Gonzalez which is more of this period. The House of the family Ruiz Horques is found at Santa Ana street, a really wealthy house of this century. The House of Juan Peña Aguado at Ayllonas streets as well an beautiful house as well inside as outside at San Sebastian square is found the popular andalusian House of D. Juan Moraga, which arquitecture is very tipical of Andalusia.

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