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Contemporary Age. In this period the increase of population is produced, characterized by different ups and downs tat produce illnesses and health problems in general way of life. As for the economic structure, to be the farm sector the one that can get op with the high levels of occupation and the weight of the local economics, it reflects the clear division among owners of lands and industrious. During the first phase of the XIX century (talking about farming and workmen), Íllora lives on stability and peace, that will be interrupted by the napoleonic invasion and the subsequent war of independence, so the french people stirred up the refusal of our town. Supporting the town aht the lifting of Granada in april against Godoy, supporting subsequently to the meeting and inc. Portugal who were enlisted like soldiers against it takes. It remained in a situation of decandences proper to the french troops who carried out our town in a deeply depressed zone. With the coming back of Fernando VII, Íllora will recover its economic and social way of life.