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Average Age. It has been established that the first barbar towns of vandales and silingios were established in our territory in the year 409. At the end of the roman domination. there was certainly a period of instablility when the visigoths were in evidence.
Subsequent religious infighting were halted by the roman occupation in all zones under the emperor justinian. Following this tune, there was a period of arabian occupation. Lands were redistributed and people made settlements on the banks of the river Genil, they created new towns.
Into the history of Íllora came a young preacher of the new christian faith. Later on he would become the patron Saint of Íllora called Saint Rodger in english and San Rogelio in spanish. So in those years fron 852 to 862 there were to many relligion conflicts between ethnic religion and the new christianity. At this time Saint Rodger, did his job in a climate of great presecution from the authorities of Córdoba.
This culminated in his death and subsequent martyrdom afther he challenged the arabians who were established in Íllora. when califato is imposed and the lands of Granada are organised in cores, so exists appointments of localities
as ilyura or montefrid to the norhwest of the core of Elvira.Which are mentioned of arab kings of Íllora in the chronicles of Fernando III and Alfonso IV.
There was a great deal of instability in Íllora at this time with kings warring against kings, the situation changed when christian kings triumphed and created the nazatrie dynasty. The territory of the kingdom of nazareth was seen as the right eye of Granada, it was reknown as a zone of concflict and a frequent war zone. However this was settled by Fernando III, Íllora then integrated into the nazarie kingdom and enjoyed a healthy economic transformation.
Its agriculture became healthier and Íllora benefitted in XV. The catholic kings began a military campaing against the nazarie kingdom and Íllora was a target of christian troops due to its strategic location, therefhore the military machinery of Fernando and Isabel put up its headquarters in Íllora on the 8 of june 1486, and took the town. It was a hard battle with the christian troops making a brave stand, many people died. The dukes of childs, dukes de infante, and the cond of cabra helped many people. So the balance soon went over in favour of the christian troops. After the first millitary conquest Gonzalo Fernandez de Córdoba was named as the first christian mayor of town.
It was decided then that Granada and its territorities would belong to the crown.
During the reconquest of Íllora the governing lords had a great rule in changing things in town. But they created many problems in spite of the state control, it did not come to reach the dimension similar to other andalucian zones. Access to property after the conquests saw native christian and moslems possessing ancestral homes. Economicaly this was a phase of low subsistence with wheat and barley as a base source of grain for the population communicacions at this time were negative due to the low level of economics and general living standards. There was also a deficiency in santiary arrangements with only small advances in medicines.