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Old Age. In the agraric necropolis “the property of Nogueras” near to puerto lope, we find not colective graves but cisastas. Where two individuals were cremated marking a clear difference with preceding cultures. A rectangle of virgen rock was lowed on to a shale bed making the move of large slabs of stone much easier to manoeuvre.
The round abouts would have been a burial place while people were in transit. We can verify that this period was the end of the copper culture and the beginning of the influence of phoenicians and tartesica. As a point of reference it is believed that the date of this period was 650 to 750. At this time the town had important contacts with the fenicia civilication. This contact bought about major economic and cultural influences for the population without devaluing the innate culture of the town. Around this period cartaginesses and phoenicians arrived and there was a conflict. However in the year 201 the romans burst onto the scene finding a culturally mixed and racial zone. As the roman administration took over, Íllora was included as a part of its empire. At this time civil war between pompeye and julius cesar broke out in rome, and as result of the civil war here appeared a new territorial clemarcation making Íllora under the administration of Córdoba under the new convention.