If there is not to much rain, you can find a dry mediterraneo landscape, specially in summertime.



So in, this time life is given by fountains. Fountains can be found through the whole town of Íllora and in its annexes. Generally water fountains let us have a stop in our daily walk in order to have some fresh water. Mayor part of Íllora’s fountains are made of stones which they have taken from there own landescapes. So this gives us a rustic and ancient look and then so traditional fitting in, into the landescape. There are public fountains and other ones which are from private properties. So with the information we give you, you can always visit them and if they are on private properties, just ask. Spanish people are often open and friendly people. If you go through the andalusian land, it will be difficult to forget the flavour of the water in Zumacal, Pilarillo and Moral.

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