Edafologic system

The physic, geologic and climatologic aspects of a region determinate its vegetation. It even has to condition its inhabitants and fauna. Edafics facts are those which keep in mind the composition of the ground, its uses or its possible degradation by human actions. We can find the next kind of floor:

Zink and litosoles > Those grounds can be find in the cumbres of Parapanda. A lot of grass aroud in order to feed the lambs, it is poor in nutrient elements. It is easy to see mirrors of failures as in the case of Tajo de las yeseras. Regosoles over conglomerate > Ground which is used for agriculture but didn’t have good results, here olives and almond trees are incorporated. Cambisoes and fluviosoles > River banks are occupated by those kind of grounds. Very delined, very interesting for agriculture, inorganic elements which made them rich but at the same time

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